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Tips for Working from Home

- Posted on: 05/05/2020 -

Here we have some top tips to help you with working at home.


Working from home can be quite difficult and stressful especially if it is new to you! We have put some tips together that you may find useful while you work at home.


  1. Try and find a quiet and bright space, free from distractions, set it up and allow this to be your allocated home office.
  2. Treat your day as your normal working day - get up, get dressed and eat your breakfast.
  3. Make a schedule of what you have to get done for the day.
  4. If you have people living with you, remind them that you are working and cannot be interacting with them outside of break times.
  5. Set yourself break times - depending on how long your day is 15mins and half an hour, or an hour - as I said all depending on working hours.
  6. While on your break make sure you get outside and mingle with the people you are living with. If you are living alone maybe sit out and each your lunch outside and facetime a friend.
  7. Communicate with your colleagues regularly, through email, phone and web calls - Zoom is also a great way to connect as you are virtually seeing somebody.
  8. Try and stay off you own social media accounts as this can be a distraction - you could end up scrolling for hours!
  9. Get out for a walk, run or stroll when your day is over - it's good to get some fresh air after being inside all day.
  10. Once you are finished for the day, ensure you log off and don't go back on again until your next working day.

We hope these few tips help you out, and that you are adapting to the new situation that you are in.


Also why not check out this piece on how to create a healthy working environment from home here.




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