Updated Covid Guidelines for Hospitality 

As most of the Covid-19 public health measures and guidelines have been removed from 6am on Saturday the 22nd of January 2022, we are open for business as usual. 

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About Covid-19 

Corona Virus is a family of viruses that cause respiratory illness including the common cold, seasonal flu, SARS and MERS. Covis-19 is a new strain.

Corona Virus is spread in sneeze or cough droplets:

  1. Directly, for example coughing or sneezing directly on foods.
  2. Indirectly, for example contact with an infected surface.

We are following guidelines from the following; Irish Health Service Executive, Irish Hotels Federation, and The Department of Health.

Our goal is to maintain the health of all our guests in the hotel and those that are due to arrive, our suppliers and all our employees.

The following Four steps are taken;

1. Advice for Our Guests.

  • Ensure you wash your hands before and after eating, and after coughing or sneezing.
  • If you are displaying symptoms of the Corona Virus, please contact your local GP before arrival to the hotel to prevent the virus from spreading. The symptoms are noted in the document below.

2. Areas of the Hotel - Policies & Procedures


All our rooms are serviced daily with approved antibacterial products, during guests stay at the hotel and prior to guests arrival at the hotel.


Restaurant staff have a hand washing procedure in place. See below under Food and Beverages for hand washing procedure.

All tables are being washed with antibacterial products after departure of each guest.


Kitchen staff have a hand washing procedure in place. See below under Food and Beverages for hand washing procedure.

On arrival to the kitchen there is antibacterial hand sanitizer for team members.

3. Advice for Our Team Members

  • They are to cough and sneeze into their elbow and wash their hands after doing so.
  • Our Staff are advised not to initiate contact with guests e.g. handshake or hug guests on arrival and departure.

Food and Beverage Team Members

Staff are to wash their hands up as far as their elbows every 20 minutes. They are to use warm water and antibacterial hand wash provided, while washing their hands they are to sing Happy Birthday twice, on completion of washing hands they are to dry them with tissue provided and dispose of it in a designated bin to avoid contamination of other goods.

4. Updates on Corona Virus

Staff are receiving updates at a minimum every 3 days and when information is published from the Irish Health Service Executive on the virus.

For more information on Covid-19 click here.


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