Our 50 Steps to Sustainability

Cork's Vienna Woods Hotel is committed to aligning with the EU's 2030 goals by outlining our current and upcoming initiatives for a more sustainable future.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation

  • 150+ Solar panels
  • R32 + Hybrid VRF air conditioning
  • QUHV Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump
  • Retrofit LED Lighting
  • Single Room Key Policy

Water Management and Conservation

  • On-site water well
  • Reduced water usage in rooms with reduction of available baths
  • Low pressure faucets with auto start and stop sensors

Waste Reduction and Recycling

  • Composting organic waste
  • Minimal food packaging and bulk buying
  • Recycling initiatives by bins (staff & guests)
  • Filtered water taps in conference rooms
  • Glass bottles in rooms
  • Minimalist bedroom decor

Eco-Friendly Products and Practices

  • Eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Plastic bottle and aluminium can initiative
  • In-house laundry for linen napkins
  • Both-sided and black printing default settings
  • Paper straws
  • Photocell outdoor lighting and sensors
  • Goose & Down natural pillows and duvets


  • Sustainability Wedding Package
  • Highlighting sustainable Dishes on our brochure
  • Alternate Menu drop on tables
  • Encourage the use of local wines, beers, and spirits
  • Biodegradable take-away packaging
  • QR code menus
  • Rechargeable candles

Sustainable Food Sourcing and Practices

  • Locally sourced and organic food produce
  • Portion control on food dishes

Guest Engagement and Education

  • Looking at installing EV charging stations
  • One-card policy
  • Educational Signage for sustainable practices around the hotel
  • Donation / Recycling of outdated electrical equipment
  • Towel / Linen reuse program
  • Room service door lights

Community and Environmental Stewardship

  • Preserving and maintaining our 22 acres of Woodland
  • Supporting wildlife restoration and conservation efforts
  • In the process of obtaining official sustainable certification
  • Collaboration with local artists for sustainable art installations
  • Participation in industry-wide sustainability initiatives and associations
  • Decorate bird boxed (local school) / hammer them onto trees

Green Building and Design

  • Upcycling & repurposing furniture and décor
  • Seasonal and local flower decorations
  • Incorporating sustainable building materials
  • Use of non-toxic and low-VOC paints and finishes
  • Energy efficient windows and insulation materials
  • Smart thermostats and energy regulation around the hotel
  • Bird-friendly architecture and landscaping features

Transportation and Mobility Initiatives

  • Participant in the bike to work scheme
  • No-idling policy for staff and guest vehicles


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