Fire Safety


I am very glad that, due to public demand, it is necessary to reprint the Code of Practice for the

Management of Fire Safety in Places of Assembly, which was first published in 1989. There are no

significant changes in this edition but some references to standards have been updated.


People who frequent places of assembly are entitled to expect that reasonable precautions are taken

for their safety. That's why the Fire Services Act, 1981 places specific statutory responsibilities on

those who control places of assembly. This Code of Practice sets out clear, easy to follow guidelines on

how to take these reasonable precautions. People, therefore, who are responsible for the day to day

management of places of assembly should carefully study the provisions of the Code. They should carry

out a comprehensive review of their own practices in the light of the requirements and take action to

remedy any deficiencies.


The Code is based largely on a draft prepared by the Fire Services Council and I take the opportunity

to acknowledge the efforts they made in developing it.


My Department intends to develop further codes relating to other areas of fire safety in places of

assembly and 1 hope to publish them as soon as possible.


I am sure that this Code will continue to assist in improving fire safety standards and to make a

significant contribution to protecting property and, more importantly, minimising the risk to life from



Rory O’Hanlon, T.D.,

Minister for the Environment.


Code of Practice for the management of Fire Safety in Place of Assembly

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