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Make a Wish- David Fitzgerald the Master Chef

- Posted on: 30/01/2019 -

January 29th was a remarkable day up here in Vienna Woods Hotel as we welcomed David Fitzgerald into our kitchen with our head chef- Marsha. Marsha, David and the rest of thee kitchen staff all sat around the kitchen baking a cake as it is David’s lifelong dream to become a chef. David is a 13-year-old student at Scoil Bernadette at Cope Foundation and told his mother that he is going to be a Master Chef when he grows up and based on his cake, we think he’s half way there.

img 20190129 110203

As he entered the kitchen, Marsha prepared everything possible for a fantastic cake from fudge pieces to chopped strawberries to raspberry coulis and David made a tremendous cake and shared it with his family and friends down in Mabel’s Bistro. All his class made a toast to David for such a brilliant cake. He told us at the end of the day that his dream has come true.

img 20190129 110418

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