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Dunkettle Interchange

- Posted on: 12/03/2021 -

Cork’s Vienna Woods Hotel Surrounding Areas

Our stunning and elegant country house hotel is surrounded by 22 acres of gorgeous woodlands and perched on a hill overlooking the Glashaboy River.  

As a hotel we are easily accessible, located just a mere 10-minute drive away from Cork City and Little Island Industrial Estate.  In addition, we are only a 5-minute drive away from the Dunkettle Interchange and the Jack Lynch Tunnel. 

More about the Dunkettle Interchange: 

The Dunkettle Interchange is roughly located 6 kilometres east of Cork City.  The Dunkettle Interchange is vital as many of Ireland’s main roads meet here. The interchange is a major intersection of various key national routes. It is at the intersection of M8/N8 Road from Dublin to Cork and with the N25 Road from Waterford to Cork. It is also intersected with the N40 South Ring Road via the Jack Lynch Tunnel. It is the main road used to travel between counties. 

History of the Dunkettle Interchange: 

The Dunkettle Interchange opened in 1992 along with the Glanmire Bypass. The interchange was constructed in order to link the N25 to this newly constructed Glanmire Bypass, The Bypass formed part of the N8 at Dunkettle. 

At the time of opening, the junction had three arms, along with two access slip roads to allow access to and from Glounthaune. Later on, in 1999 a 4th arm was added to the interchange to facilitate the opening of the new Jack Lynch tunnel, this 4th arm was added heading southbound. In addition, access slip roads to Little Island ere added going in and out of it. 

In order to increase the capacity of the junction, traffic lights were added to the interchange in 2006. 

Future Plans for the Dunkettle Interchange:

Contractors are working extremely hard to make the surrounding area easily accessible, hence why future interchange upgrades are being planned to keep improving these roads. 

A proposed development of the Dunkettle Interchange involves the reconfiguration of the already existing interchange. The reconfiguration will involve the implementation of a free-flowing traffic system. The improvements will be made as to allow for traffic not to come into conflict with opposing traffic. 

With these new developments, the infrastructure of the Dunkettle Interchange will continue to improve, and the free flow of traffic will facilitate movement and traffic at the interchange. 

To find out more information on the Dunkettle interchange and their future plans. Check out their website here.


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