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Blood Bank Donation

- Posted on: 07/05/2019 -

There are many reasons to donate blood, the list goes on and on. Giving blood is a generous gift, a gift of life. Deciding to donate blood can help save a life or many lives for that matter as your blood is separated into different categories: red cells, platelets and plasma. These three can be used individually for patients with specific conditions and requirements.

Blood transfusion is needed for multiple things such as:

-Women with problems during pregnancy;

-Children with severe anaemia;

-People with severe trauma such as man-made disasters;

-Complex medical and surgical procedures and cancer patients.

All this information was collected from the World Health Organisation, for information follow up here .

Before coming to any Blood Donor Clinic make sure to read up about your eligibility on or take their quiz to ensure you won’t be disappointed. 

Here at Vienna Woods Hotel we host Blood Donor Clinics, our next one is on the 21st May 2019. Keep an eye out and give someone the gift of life.

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