Woodland Walk

- Posted on: 15/09/2020 -

We are blessed here in Cork’s Vienna Woods to be surrounded in a dense woodland with tall trees and forest animals. As the days get chillier we see more guests exploring our woods as a way to unwind and relax. Walking is a great way to exercise- one of the most simple ways to burn a few calories. This with the combination of a natural environment are incredibly good for your physical and mental health.

Situated outside the city centre on the outskirts of Glanmire, guests get a real feel of nature along this walkway with glimpses of the Glashaboy River and the village below them. The 22 acres of spacious woodlands are here for you to explore if you come to stay with us. Woodland walks have many benefits, here are a few reasons for you to come and explore them with us:

1.      Improves creative flow

A study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine shows that walking though natural, leafy environments may affect the brain in a similar way to meditation. Other studies from Heriot-Watt University have shown that the brainwaves of their study participants that walked in various settings and surroundings only entered the meditative headspace when walking through the park. It makes us calm as we pay much more attention to or surroundings. The green surroundings are a source of inspiration- making a creative flow.

2.      Physical Health

Just spending 30 minutes a day can be extremely beneficial to your physical health by keeping us active and losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight. The increase in heart rate through walking improves blood flow and helps pump blood more efficiently while keeping blood sugar levels balanced and energy levels even. By actually going outside into nature rather than on a treadmill in the gym you can increase your vitamin D intake and boost your immunity.  

3.      Mental Health

Each step on your walk increases the blood flow to the brain which can improve your memory and cognitive function. Taking walks in the morning can help with daily tasks carried out throughout your day as it boosts energy levels, focus and releases endorphins- the “feel-good” hormones which improve your mood and lower anxiety. While exercising burns calories it means your body will have spent more energy which helps you sleep at night- all helping improve brain stimulus and mental wellbeing.

These combined benefits are worth stepping outside for a quick walk through the woodlands. Our woodland walk is perfect to head off on with the kids or just yourself and your partner. It’s nice to get out and get some fresh air. The perk of heading off on this walk is you don’t have to drive your car to get there!


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