Perfect Time for Over 50's to come to Cork

- Posted on: 24/08/2020 -

There are so many reasons to come to Cork, the scenic views, the vibrant city centre, and the all the hidden gems but coming into the autumn months it becomes much quieter and usually kid free. The hotel becomes a haven for more mature couples and friends.

As the city is usually quieter that means there is more for you to choose from, you can dine at one of the amzing resturants in the city, there is so many it will be hard to pick, but whereever you go you won't be left dissapointed.

Cork is a stunning place to come visit in the autumnal months, the city hosts an array of locations to see from the famous “English Market” to the older part near Barracks Street that shows you all the quirky pubs and Elizabeth’s Fort which was originally built as a defence.  

If you are willing to travel a little why not head off down to West Cork for the day and visit all the small villages and towns that are full of character along the coast. The plus side to this, there won't be much traffic on the roads as the peak season has passed us by now.

If you are looking for ideas of what to do, check out our other blogs here that explore a range of different things you can do while visiting this beautiful county.

At the hotel we have many precautions put in place to make you feel safe while staying at our hotel. We want you to feel at home while with us and not to be worrying about what is going on in the world right now. The precautions and new procedures we have put in place should not make a huge difference to your stay, but the difference is there, there to keep you safe. Below we have listed the 16 steps we have put in place in the hotel.


  1. During your stay, your Guestroom will be serviced! Therefore, if you do not require this service please contact reception on "0" between 9am-11am and we will arrange this for you. Please note you must NOT be in your guestroom while it is being serviced.
  2. As the hotel bar is not open, the purchase or beverage only is not permitted.
  3. If you wish to purchase a beverage (excluding soft drinks, Tea/Coffee) it must be with food to the minimum value of €9 per person.
  4. Food and Dining arrangements must be pre booked in advance and preferred times are subject to availability. Breakfast will be served from 7am-10am on weekdays, 7am-10:30am on weekends. Room service breakfast will be served from 10:15am-10:30am. Breakfast is prebooked upon arrival, you MUST bring your "Breakfast Token" with you at your booked time. Lunch will be served from 12:30am. Dinner will be served from 6pm-9pm. Room service for Dinner will be served from 7:30am-7:45pm. All must be prebooked.
  5. All food and beverage will be served to your table, this may result in minor delays to your service, please bear with us as we work through all these new working parameters.
  6. Residents availing of dining arrangements, can enjoy a beverage 1 hour before their dinner reservation and again 1 hour after the 1.45 minutes allocated dining time.
  7. Hand sanitisation units will be in strategic locations around the hotel during your stay please ensure you use these.
  8. Please observe physical distancing while in the hotel.
  9. It is not necessary for our guests to wear face coverings, however if a guest chooses not to wear a face covering, please ensure you practice safe physical/social distancing.
  10. Our personnel have been offered the choice to wear face coverings/visors. It is not compulsory for personnel to wear these items; however, it is encouraged. For some, the reasons for not wearing face PPE could be the result of respiratory ailments and anxiety around breathing along with vision or hearing impairment. We ask that you respect physical and social distancing guidelines when engaging with our personnel.
  11. The hotel will have additional housekeeping personnel on duty to ensure public areas and in particular frequent touch points and fomites (i.e. objects or materials which are likely to cause infection, such as clothes, utensils, furniture) are clean.
  12. This information is very much subject to change and a "live" advisory that will assist you and us to guide our way through working and living alongside Covid-19.
  13. If you see anything, we are not doing correct or could improve on please advise us, we want to learn and improve to ensure we are working to the best possible "Best Practice Standards".
  14. All meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) will be served in the main ballroom of the hotel "The Magner Suite"
  15. The lounge and Glass room are for residents use only. Limited food tea/coffee, scones and sandwiches will be available in this space. Reservations will be required for Food.
  16. Residents of the hotel are able to avail of drinks 1 hour before their meal, which has to be €9 minimum, the meal should last 1 hour 45 minutes and drinks can be served until 11pm.



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