Things to do while you are at Home

- Posted on: 19/05/2020 -

Now that we have time for ourselves, we can try out the new things we always wished we were able to do. You might want to master your baking skills, start reading books or even just spending more time outdoors. Now is the time to finally do something that you might have out on the long finger

1. Master your baking skills.

Is this something you love doing, but just can't get it right? Now is the time to learn, dedicate an hour or two a week to learn how to master the skill. You will be surprised at how much you can improve. My baking skills weren't that good, but during this time i started to bake more and take my time doing it and surprisingly, most things I made went down a treat!


2. Tend to your Garden.

Is there a few extra weeds in your garden that you are after noticing or are your plants looking a bit dull. Does it just need some tender loving care and you never had the time to get stuck in and fix it up. Well now is your chance, it won't happen over night but  a few hours a week and your garden will be looking brand new in no time. Now that the garden centers are open why not pop down to your closet one and grab some new plants, I'm sure your garden will be looking fabulous in no time.


3. Take time for yourself.

Even if its just half an hour a day ensure you take time for yourself. What the world is experiencing right now is something we have never gone through before. Ensure you take time for yourself. Even read a book for half an hour, watch tv, go for a walk or even ring a friend. Once it's something you enjoy doing and makes you happy. You may need to recharge your body, it may need this time to rest.







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