Celebrating our Nurses

- Posted on: 12/05/2020 -

Our Nurses!

Today we celebrate our nurses and all that they have done for us. Our Nurses are so important to us. They give us so much care when we need it and are with us through our journey whenever we are in need of them. They promote health, prevent disease and help patients cope with an illness they may have. Nurses are very caring and compassionate people. They are there everyday working hard to ensure there patients stay healthy. They are your daily point of contact when you are in hospital, they are the faces you see the most.


Now more than every we should be celebrating our Nurses. They are out working on the frontline during this world pandemic. Nurses days were always busy but now they are busier than every. There workload had doubled ten times over. They want to ensure they can keep as many people as possible safe and healthy while battling through this pandemic. They are putting themselves out there to fight for us every single day. They deserve to be recognized for all the work they have done. Through this pandemic we have seen just how much our country has come together to support the Nurses and show so much appreciation towards them. We have found a new appreciation for them and this will never be forgotten.



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