How to Involve your Child in your Wedding?

- Posted on: 31/07/2019 -

When it comes to planning your big day there are many ways to involve your small ones. Traditionally, the smallies play a role as the little page boy or a flower girl but there are so many other ways to involve them in your big day.

Here a few small different ways to get your children involved in your wedding:

1. Wedding Invites

Put their names on the invites to make your day, their day too. More and more often people are using this as a way to personalise their wedding invites by making them quirky. Using the likes of “Mummy and Daddy are getting married on..” or having them help make D.I.Y. cards. There are so many ways to use invites as a way to involve your child.


2. Have a dance just for them

By dedicating a dance that is specifically for you and them will make them feel so important. You will get to spend time practicing your dance moves and picking the right song for you. This is a great way to spend quality time with your children. 


3. Make them part of the Bridal Party

Make them mini bridesmaid or mini groomsmen and have them walk down the aisle just before the bride making them feel special and included. When including them in the Bridal party they can come to all the dress fittings for the bride and be involved in picking a dress that’s special just for them.


4. Make them their own customised food/ drinks.

Having customised and personalised foods and drinks is a nice way to make your wedding unique. If you are looking to include your child in your wedding what better way than to add them to the cake. A family cake topper with the bride and groom and your little one too.

wedding topper

5. Include them in the ceremony

A lot of couples write their own vows, this is the perfect chance to mention your little one. Or, if your child is old enough they could do a reading for you that you can hand pick together. Just a small way to make them part of the big day. 

child in ceremony

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