St. Brigids Day 2023 Bank Holiday

- Posted on: 31/01/2023 -

St. Brigid's Day (Gaelic: Lá Fhéile Bríde) is celebrated on February 1st. The Bank Holiday will take place on the first Monday in February each year, except where St Brigid’s day happens to fall on a Friday, in which case that Friday February 1st will be a public holiday.

A “consensus” among the government was reached, with employers and trade unions set to name the 10th Bank Holiday after the patron saint as part of the pandemic bonus to thank the public in general, and frontline workers in particular.

St Brigid is considered a patron saint of Ireland and February 1st marks the first day of spring.

Brigid is a Catholic and Orthodox saint. She was a pupil of St. Patrick and became famous for her kindness, mercy, and her miracles. In addition, Brigitte founded Ireland's most famous mixed (male and female) monastery in County Kildare.

The Brigid's Day Cross is the symbol of the day. Traditionally, reeds or straws are collected from the fields and crafted into a cross. St. Brigid is Ireland’s first native saint, the most celebrated Irish female saint, and was the founder of one of the first convents in Kildare.

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5 Quick Facts About St Brigid's Day (Lá Fhéile Bríde)

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