eBee EBike Share Scheme

eBee are an ebike share scheme / rental organisation based in Cork City. This means electric bicycles are positioned at virtual stations, which can be identified in the App, all around Cork. You can pick up and drop off at any of these stations, including returning to the original station. Your smartphone is the key. Download the eBee App to find your closest ebike now or visit www.ebee.ie for more information. eBee provide a mode of transport both to tourists and the residence of Cork. The ebikes were designed and assembled in Ireland with industry leading components resulting in an efficient, comfortable and environmentally friendly ebike.


How To Start a Ride

• Download the eBee app, sign up, and add your preferred payment method

• Find an eBee bike near you in the App. Scan the QR code on the ebike or input bike number to unlock it and select ‘start ride’

• The security chain and wheel immobiliser will become unlocked 

• Wrap security chain around the seat post and clip the loose end onto the clip under the saddle.

How To End or Pause a Ride

• Open App and check map for location of your nearest station 

• Once you have arrived at station, extend the ebike stand located under the left pedal

• Secure chain around any part of the station and re-insert pin into side of the locking mechanism 

• Rotate and Push lever, on side of locking mechanism, down to engage wheel immobiliser 

• Swipe "End Ride" in the App

• Upload a photo of your parked e-bike to the app 


Operational Hours: 6am – 8pm seven days a week.


Per Ride Price: €0.99 cent to Unlock the ebike. €0.75 cent per each 5 minutes. €0.10 per minute if you Pause the ride to grab a coffee or take a break. Parking outside the virtual stations incurs a €2.27 charge. 

Long Rental Price: €41 for a 24hr pass – from the time of purchase you can access any bike on the scheme for 24hrs with unlimited rides. Look in “Available Promos” in the App.


To download the app, CLICK HERE!


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