Cork Welcomes You

- Posted on: 09/07/2020 -

Pure Cork Welcomes!


Cork can't wait to welcome you! Spend your summer here and get a pure Cork welcome. It's time to take it back to the days of strolling around the city for your holiday or heading off for a day trip around Cork. Explore the county, meet the people they want to give you a pure cork welcome. Keep it local and spend whats left of your summer in Cork. Visit historical sites, take in the coastline, go for a swim in one of our many beaches, spend your time here. There is so much you can do in this beautiful county. Check out our other blogs here to see what you can do while in Cork. Spread the word and get the #purecorkwelcomes.


As we are being advised by the government not to travel abroad now is the perfect time to explore this little gem on an island! You may never get the chance again. Pure Cork have come up with the campaign #PURECORKWELCOMES, this is an initiative to encourage people to holiday in Cork and make memories that will last a lifetime. In a few years time and you think of summer 2020 and wonder what you did, you can always say I had my holiday in Cork and explored what a beautiful county it was and still is.


Pure Cork made this video, and it is just stunning, it is emotional, it portrays what Cork is about, what it can offer you and just makes you want to go to Cork!



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