Wedding Tasting Guidelines

 Wedding Tasting Guidelines

  • Menu tastings are available to book on every Wednesday- subject to availability
  • Menu tasting are available to book from 2.00pm each tasting day, with the last tasting at 8.00pm
  • A Gap of 1.5 hours must be allowed between each menu tasting (to allow chef to meet with couples)
  • (e.g. 2.00pm, 3.30pm, 5.00pm, 6.30pm, 8.00pm).
  • Menu tasting is complimentary for all couples with over 120 guests.
  • For additional Guests at menu tasting there an extra charge.
  • When couples are reserving menu tasting they must have their preferred menu with the hotel 1 week in advance of the tasting.
  • Couples are permitted to taste (please note these are Full portions)

3 starters.  

2 soups / sorbet / salad

3 main courses

3 desserts duo selection

  • Where Possible Chef on duty will meet with the couple after their tasting (at, tea/coffee stage)
  • If couple are having wine with their tasting, the wine chosen must be noted on the evening and sent for the attention of Michael or Melissa at Least 1 week in Advance.
  • On a rare occasion, couples may not be able to make a tasting on a Wednesday evening, therefore may be facilitated and by agreement, times will be in agreement with the Kitchen and the couple in question.


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