Seaweed Bath

Here at the Vienna Woods Hotel we want to make your stay as relaxing and rejuvenating as possible. We have seaweed baths that are hand harvested off the west coast of Ireland. The seaweed is dried and specially infused with essential oils. We are now offering you two types of seaweed baths- Peppermint or Lavender scented.

Many bathers find the baths have a soporific effect and help to guarantee a great night’s sleep. We want to make your experience at Vienna Woods as relaxing as possible and ensure a good night’s sleep. We can prepare your room with a candlelit bathroom to set the mood for total relaxation.

With over 60 trace minerals found in seaweed and the human body needing all of these natural minerals. Seaweed provides us with a natural supply of these vital minerals either by eating or absorbing the purest of these nutrient rich oils through the pour on our body.  With our DNA building blocks, seaweed is very similar to our own, this why seaweed is so easy to digest and absorb for humans. “It is natures gift to us is right in front of us”.

Why not rejuvenate, refresh and relax your body and helping your skin with all those 60 minerals?

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