5 Jul 2015 13:50

4 Deserved Stars for Our Sister Hotel

Congratulations to our sister hotel, The Woodlands, Adare, which we are delighted to announce have received their 4th star!! Thanks so much to everybody who helped them along their journey. Special thanks also to all of their loyal patrons and community who inspire them to continuously be better.

They are passionate about what they do and are looking forward to building on this milestone for achieving their much deserved 4th Star.
Well Done to all the Team involved in the Woodlands - their hard work has most definetly paid off!
wl 4 stars


Meet Marwan - Employee of the Month

Let us introduce you to Marwan Jazi.

Marwan is our Breakfast chef here at the hotel and also is responsible for the majority of our home baking and in particular our delicious home made brown bread.

He is our employee of the month for May, he is joined by Jimmy our head chef and director Michael.

Well done Marwan, so well deserved!

marwan big


Our Team in the Office presenting the Glanmire Sports Star Award to the Watergrasshill Athlethics Club

tonights_evening_echo__2_.jpg (Watergrasshill Athle)

Winning Tripadvisor's Certificate of Excellence 

It's always nice to get a pat on the back for our excellent service..

And no better way than receiving one of TripAdvisors 2014 Winner of the Certificate of Excellence

trip.jpg (Tripadvisor Award)

trip_cert.jpg (Trip Cert)