Advisory for your Wedding

The Irish Hotels Federation has provided us with with the following guidance, in regards to social gatherings such as weddings for the remainder of the year. 
- Weddings before July 20th, will not be permitted to go ahead. If your wedding is before this date I would advise you to contact the hotel and discuss another date. 
- From July 20th onwards, small intimate weddings are permitted to go ahead, while practising social distancing and bar table service. The Irish Hotels Federation are waiting on more clarity from the government on this point. If this option appeals to you, please contact the hotel to discuss your wedding plans. 
- From August 10th onwards, large social gatherings including weddings are permitted to go ahead. The Irish Hotels Federation are also awaiting clarity on maximum numbers allowed at the event and advice on how to practise social distancing from the government. 
- The Irish Hotels Federation believes that from September onwards, there will be a lot more confidence in holding weddings. At this point they suggest keeping your wedding date planned from here onwards, and have a backup plan incase the government announce that they have to implement restrictions again. 
Here at Cork’s Vienna Woods Hotel are available for online wedding consultations to our current couples and new couples. We hope  we can provide you with as much flexibility and information we can, that will help you through this time. 
We have created this file for some tips on how your day could be made easier- please click here!

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